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Oakville is a City in Mega Growth Mode: Renovate and Remodel (It’s Time)

Smooth Ceiling may have a lock down on the ceiling repair market in the GTA including Oakville, but there’s tons of other services that a homeowner in the area might need.

If you’re taking a look at a more full scale renovation or remodeling effort in your Oakville or Mississauga area home… You should consider a renovation contractor and remodeling expert like LN Remodeling.

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How Can LN Remodeling in Oakville Help you?

Lucky enough for you and me both, LN Remodeling is very adept at home renovations and remodeling in Oakville. So much so, that they’ve saved me so much time on my ‘to-do’ list that I actually feel like my house is coming together in a very quick fashion.

Usually my jobs would be stacking up at home here in Oakville, and I just could not find the time to do what needed to be done. That, and I hated doing anything that involved a measuring tape. I don’t know about you, but I’m a digital native.

This measure twice, cut once world is not a welcoming one to me.

The Best Part About Hiring a Professional Contractor:

The better part about hiring LN Remodeling would be that you can save yourself a mountain of time. Too often we think about these types of projects:

  • Kitchen updates
  • Bathroom updates
  • Basement finishing

And when we think about them, we just think about the dollars, not dollars AND time. That’s quite an important distinction, and time certainly adds up. Especially if you are a professional like many of us fine Oakville citizens.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should ONLY work with LN…

LN Remodeling in Oakville Ontario

Why Should I Choose LN, and not Someone Else?

I’d have to say that a lengthy period of experience is the reason I think so highly of LN Remodeling. Though they’ve been around for over 30 years as a working core team, they’ve only just recently taken to getting online to spread the word.

If you’re interesting in looking further towards a local contractor, check out the almost extinct Yellow Pages

Now you can see that they’ve expanded into renovating and remodeling homes beyond our mere Oakville borders. Now you can find LN Remodeling in Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

Kitchen renovations Oakville

In an industry such as renovations and remodeling, especially in Oakville, you get many many fly-by-nighter’s who claim to be professional contractors.

They slap a logo on their truck, and have a tool belt, and all of a sudden they’re the trusted voice in a business that demands more, really.

Experience counts, so that’s why my guy sticks with LN Remodeling in Oakville.

How Long do Remodeling Projects Take

There’s no set way to establish how long a renovation or upgrade process will take. It’s simply impossible to set a blanket time that will cover every situations.

I’ve seen bathrooms done in as little as a day. However, I’ve also seen bathrooms that can take weeks. There’s so many factors to take into account, that’s why you’d really need someone to come to your home and give you a free quote, or at least a consultation.

Kitchen renovations in Oakville can be quite the same story. It all depends on the gray edges to determine what will ultimately lead to the overall time.

Asking about time tends to lead into the next question regarding GTA renos:

renovation costs

I am on a Specific Renovation Budget, Can I be Helped?

Look, I don’t think anyone really likes to spend money. But when we’re talking about renovations, and perhaps even necessary renovations, there’s a couple factors to consider.

First of all, your budget is YOUR budget. Don’t let anyone else try to talk you into spending more money than you’re comfortable with.

Renovations or remodeling projects are not something that area ideal to go into debt for. Try to have your budget saved in cash, or under the mattress. This will help to alleviate the after pains of dealing with paying back any borrowed money.

Again, your budget is up to you. If you’re talking to an Oakville renovation contractor, and they’re not respectful of your budget, I’d steer clear.

Whenever I had to talk to LN Remodeling about my wishes, they would always ask for a target. That helps them to understand what materials they can use, and how much time they can spend.

A budget may also be helpful in determining which room to renovate in your Oakville home first…

What Areas of My Home in Oakville will LN Remodeling Upgrade?

For a construction company like LN Remodeling, having a crew that has decades of experience in the construction industry, they’ve come across all sorts of projects.

Having fought so many different battles over the years, there’s almost no stone un-turned in their remodeling repertoire:

  • Kitchen updates including counter tops and custom cabinets
  • Bathroom renos including tiling, waterproofing, and plumbing
  • Basement finishing including underlay, sub floor, flooring and more
  • Finishing touches like baseboards and trim, skylights and pot lights


This, of course, just scratches the surface. For all the information you need to make your Oakville based reno project a dream come true, you’ll need to contact LN Remodeling directly.

LN Remodeling in Oakville Ontario

LN Remodeling
Oakville, Ontario

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