Eastern Ontario Roofers Choose CertainTeed Shingles

Why I Know I Can Rely on CertainTeed Shingles

I am sure that even if you have spent only a few hours on a construction site, you would have realized that being a contractor is not an easy job. This is especially so when you are a roofing contractor. You are required to spend hours high above ground, painstakingly repairing or installing shingles or another type of roofing system… It’s tough stuff!.

Safety as a Roofing Contractor

Every move you make has to be carefully calculated so as not to slip and fall. Plus, you have to accomplish all of this while working in the sweltering heat (usually, at least).

Thankfully, there is a great sense of inner pride once we have completed a project. After all, professionally installed roofing enhances the overall appearance of the building, and therefore it’s value.

What Could go Wrong?

But imagine your pride quickly fading to disappointment, perhaps even embarrassment after getting an angry call from a client whose roof is now leaking again only a few days after you’ve repaired it. We all know that just one angry customer posting a rant or bad review on social media could sink the business you have spent years building.

This could easily happen to you too if you make the same mistake many roofing contractors have made and used inferior quality roofing material when carrying out their repairs. Many choose to focus only on price when selecting roofing materials, but this is a tragic and all too common mistake.

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Shoot for Quality Shingles, Not Low Priced Shingles

We usually take the time to ask for references and review the resumes of all of our employees. So why wouldn’t we carefully scrutinize the roofing materials we use on the homes and offices of our clients as well?

After all, no one will believe that we are expert tradesmen if the roofs we repair or install start to leak just a few weeks after we have completed the project simply because we used poor quality shingles – That’s a big no-no!

I certainly do not intend to make the mistake that others have made. A massive financial hit like that could result in financial ruin for a company.

That’s why I have always enjoyed trusting my shingles to CetainTeed Shingles. I did my research, took a closer look at a number of the shingle options, and quality levels, and I was confident that I was making the best choice for all of my roofing project clients.

How to Identify Good Quality Shingles   

All roofing contractors are not the same.

Similarly, all shingles are not created equal. You need to ensure that the shingles being installed have been certified as being of excellent quality. CertainTeed is one of the few shingles that have been approved by the American Society for Testing Materials Standards and Performance (ASTM).

Better quality shingles means that your roof will last a lot longer. Roof repairs cost a prettier penny, so why not focus on getting value for money?

You shouldn’t have to learn the hard way.

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The CertainTeed Roofing System

CertainTeed likes to take a holistic approach to roofing repairs and sell more than just shingles. Once you have expressed an interest in CertainTeed, your roofing contractor will begin with the installation of the Integrity Roof System.

This begins with a careful inspection and repair of the deck. Next, there is the installation of a protective, water proof or water resistant barrier known as roofing underlayment.

MTM Roofing out of Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, is an Eastern Ontario roofing contract who swears by CertainTeed shingles, and advocates for them every chance they can.

The team (such as MTM Roofing) will then carefully install flashing around chimneys and pipes in order to decrease the likelihood of leaks.

The shingles are then firmly set in place and affixed to your roof. Above all else, the contractor will then install a ventilation system. Proper ventilation has the potential to determine whether a roof lasts for a couple weeks or a number of decades.

A Wide Array of Roofing Options  

Do not make the mistake of assuming that high quality shingles have to be boring. You can still choose the best style for your home. CertainTeed offers over 300 different types of roofing options (that’s a crazy amount of options for something you’ll never get too close to seeing… In most cases, of course).

The Landmark and Patriot style shingles have become quite popular because of their impressive design and array of colours. Thankfully, whether you are a contractor or home owner, you will never have to choose between the integrity of your roof and the beauty of the finished product.

How to Guarantee Your Roof Will Last

Newly installed shingles have a thirty year lifespan. Some have been formulated to last longer even when subjected to harsh weather for many years. It should, however, be noted that your roof is only as good as the contractor you’ve selected. Again, price should not be the only driving force when making your selection.

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Get Multiple Quotes

The contractor with a reputation for doing good work are usually booked long in advance. Ask the following questions before signing a contract or paying over any money:

  1. What kind of reputation does this contractor have?
  2. Does the contractor have enough employees to complete the job in a timely manner?
  3. Will I be able to see samples of their work?
  4. What kind of reviews can I find about this company online?
  5. Is the business insured?
  6. How much experience does the contractor have with this kind of work?

A house is not a home without a sturdy roof. That means choosing the right roofing contractor in Eastern Ontario to install your CertainTeed shingles is a big decision. Take your time and do your due diligence.

Constantly having to repair leaks will make life unbearable. If you’re a contractor, you know that each project has the potential to make or break the reputation of your firm.

Conclusions, Eastern Ontario and Beyond…

CertainTeed shingles are independently certified as being of excellent quality. If professionally installed by a reputable contractor, your roof can last for decades.

Roof repairs and installation requires can be quite costly. If your aim is to get value or your money, it would be wise on your part to purchase CertainTeed shingles.

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