Ceiling Repairs in Burlington, Ontario

Smooth Ceiling is Expanding to Cover Burlington Ontario

Richmond Hill Area Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company Heads South

Residents of Burlington have an added service to rejoice in now that Smooth Ceiling is headed to their neck of the woods.

QEW Skyway Bridge Burlington

QEW Skyway Bridge: Burlington, Ontario

Smooth Ceiling has been tackling stucco ceilings and popcorn ceilings in Richmond Hill for several years (over 30 combined years experience), and the positive reviews and glowing recommendations are starting to spread outside of city bounds.

The great communities of Oakville and Burlington are next in line in the great capital area of Southern Ontario. With a quick trip down the QEW or 403 we’re in to the area known for lots of older construction (as well as newer builds, way to go guys!).

Older Homes = More Popcorn Ceiling to Remove

The dated and dreaded popcorn ceiling was a poorly executed trend of the 70’s and 80’s. Now that there’s so many homes that are stuck with it, we need to weight the risks of having this ‘classic’ style stucco finish.

What are the Problems with Stucco Ceiling:

  • Potentially contains asbestos
  • Reduces how light travels in your rooms = makes it darker
  • Great hiding place for spiders and bugs
  • Old smoke residue collects and stain

That looks like a solid list of reason to remove that popcorn ceiling faster than you can say Sherwin Williams paints!

Naval memorial in Burlington Ontario

How Do You Remove Popcorn Ceilings in Burlington?

  1. To remove the popcorn ceilings, you’ve got to be first sure of whether or not the ceiling is painted. (You can rub your hand on the surface to see if it flakes or not to judge… If it flakes, then it’s never been painted). If it’s painted, you’ve got a little more work ahead of you.
  2. Let the scraping begin. Using a trowel (heck, I’ve even used a snow shovel for the heavier popcorn stucco) start scraping at the ceiling. It will make quite a mess, so you ought to prepare to block the room off to prevent debris from the removal process from getting into other areas of your home.
  3. After the ceiling has been scraped, it’ll probably need a smoother finish. This is where sanding will come in. The messiest part of the job. You may need to mud up with drywall mud some areas, but after it’s dry and you can sand down the whole area, you’re good for the next step.
  4. Priming and painting. Choose you favorite paints and primers (Smooth Ceiling uses Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints) and put down a coat or two of primer followed by 2 coats of your color of choice.
  5. Tidy up and boom – Just like that you’ve got fresh, smooth, stucco free ceilings and a little mess to clean. It was work it wasn’t it?

Or you can just…

Hire a Professional Expert in Burlington

Burlington is a mecca of choice, and you’ve got to respect the selection you have when hiring a contractor or handyman.

For the big jobs like removing stucco or ceiling repair in Burlington, my money rests with the newcomer to the area Smooth Ceiling. Their record speaks for itself, and when you see photos of their work, it’s undeniable that they are smooth professionals:

Getting in Touch with Smooth Ceiling

When I want to contact a renovation company, i typically like to reach out by phone first, for Smooth Ceiling you can call them at: 1-416-834-5777.

However if you’re one of these new school trendy internet users, you can pop over to their Burlington specific page and see how they can specifically help folks in your neighborhood: https://smoothceiling.ca/burlington-popcorn-ceiling-removal/

Smooth Celing of Burlington Ontario


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